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Web site services are provided for both Intranet (internal) and Internet (external) and Extranet (limited access external) Web Sites and include Site Design, Site Development, and Site Maintenance.

To make a corporate Internet or Intranet truly successful it must be easy to use and easy for the users to add information to. Ease of use is determined by many things, including layout and structure. Ease of updating information is best done by distributing the ability to update throughout the company, security systems can be set to prevent people from updating areas they are not responsible for and using a template based structure ensures site consistency.

To ensure that a corporate Internet or Intranet is used there must be information on it that the users want. You can force them to it by providing certain information or services only through it, which will make some people unhappy. Or, you can encourage them to use it by providing so much information and services in an easy to use structure that it is easier to go there than it is to search out the information in other ways.

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