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Template Development

Standardized document templates ensure consistency of presentation, ease of finding information, and simplify the content creator's job by eliminating the need to create the presentation for each document and by providing a ready-built framework for the information to be placed into. A well designed document template can also provide cues to the information needed to complete the document.

Templates can include page formatting, which includes page layout, document title, page title, page number, revision information, and copyright information. Specific locations for specific information can be defined including the formatting, or structuring, of the information. They can also include predefined paragraph types, character level formats (may be applied to words or sentences), table formats, graphics formats, color usage, and footnote formats.

Typical Technical Manual templates could include:

Manual template - defining the chapter structure
Front Matter
Table of Contents, Figures, Tables
Chapter templates

We can provide the following types of templates:

FrameMaker Templates

FrameMaker is a Desktop Publishing software package. It is typically used to author large documents and document sets, such as User Manuals and Repair Manuals. Templates for use with FrameMaker include predefined Paragraph Tags, Character Tags, Table Formats, Footnote Formats, Variables, Cross Reference Formats, Auto-Number Formats, Color Definitions, and Conditional Text settings.

MS Word Templates

Microsoft Word is a Word Processing software package. It is typically used to author small documents, such as letters and Newsletters. Templates for use with Word include predefined Page Layout, Paragraph Tags, and Color Definitions.

PowerPoint Templates

Microsoft PowerPoint is a Presentation software package. It is typically used to author graphic presentations, such as slide shows. Templates for use with PowerPoint include Predefined Backgrounds, Page Layouts, and Color Definitions.

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