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Technical Training Development

When creating training programs it is important to remember that different people learn in different ways.

The three basic learning methods are:

Hands-on (“I learn by doing”)
Watching (“I learn by having someone show me”)
Being told (“I learn by reading about it or being told about it”)

In order to satisfy all types of learners any training program should present the information in all three methods.

Delivery of Technical Training can take many forms, Computer or Web Based Training (CBT or WBT), Instructor Led Training (ILT), Video Based Training (VBT), and other methods. In all cases the course materials and presentation must be properly developed for the delivery method before attempting to deliver any training.

No matter what training delivery method is chosen providing it in a Performance Based Training framework is the most valuable approach to training. This type of training is best presented as a series of modules. The actual presentation of the material within the modules can take any form. However, the student must demonstrate competency in each module to the instructor to pass the course.

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